Good Night in the Country

Tonight we went to Craig's boss's house for a party. His boss Mark is such a nice man. Salt of the earth. His son Travis used to work with me during his summer holidays (working for a friend of mine as summer help). Then he spent a year at a college in Arizona studying to be a Harley Davidson mechanic. He just got back last week and landed himself an amazing job with a Harley dealer. You can see the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree when you see them side by side! They are both such nice people. Mark's wife Gail rides a Harley too and they are the ones that have the 68' Mustang that my boys love to ride in (me too!).
Travis & Mark putting on their top hats
They live out in the countryside with a few acres, a big barn and stables. Their kids can ride and show horses and dirt bikes and they are such down-to-earth, smart kids. Their daughter is a good soccer player too.
I always have such a good time with these people. I am at my most comfortable with people that work hard and play hard. They made me eat a cherry soaked in moonshine which made my throat set on fire then Mark made me a Jack Daniels and Figg's Hot Apple Pie.  You have to trust me when I tell you that the former was like eating gasoline but the second was rather too yummy. Seriously, if I lived near Mansfield I'd have a cupboard full of that stuff.

BIG Bonfire

Before we left I snapped a picture of Craig. In honor of "Movember" (prostrate cancer awareness) he's got a tash going. This is day ten obviously ....

Nice handlebar dude!

On the way home we talked briefly about moving to the countryside again. We have the conversation at least twice a year, usually when we visit Mark or our friends Debbie & Lynn. There are so many wonderful things that make us want to do it but several large equally wonderful things that we love about our house and neighbourhood and schools.  And I'm NOT a morning person so living more that 15 minutes from work is definitely not going to work for me - unless we win the lottery and we buy a helicopter.

The boys had fun. There were a half dozen kids there playing corn-hole, chucking stuff in the fire and fighting over the pink big wheel. It's one of those places you can relax because you know the whole group is watching them and will keep them in line. I haven't come across many of those, where you aren't expected to hover & just take care of your own. You keep watch over all kids. It feels like the old days when I was a kid and the lady two doors down would give me a good telling off for stealing apples from her garden. I don't think either her nor I ever told my mum!

So anyway I had a great night but for some reason I've been exhausted all week. I'm considering the fact that I'm getting old and have been affected by the clocks going back last weekend. Ack!


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