Is it weekend yet? Yawn....

For a 4-day work week this week certainly has dragged! Bring on the weekend - I need sleep so desperately.

Today I booked the flights for Orlando. Disney here we come! I am seriously more excited about Magic Kingdom than the kids!

Today some friends of Jack's have gone down with a bad tummy bug. I heard that kids are dropping like flies with it. Oh please don't let the lads get it. I have bleached everything in sight and keep barking at the kids "wash your hands!" But I just know it's coming...

Today it occured to me that after Thanksgiving week (next week) I only have 2 weeks of teaching left this semester!!  It's been tough going from quarters (10 weeks) to semesters (16 weeks) and it's been even tougher having 107 students. Its always fun but I'm happy the end is in sight.

Next week is the opening night of The Life of Pi and I am so excited. I hope the film does the book justice. One of the biggest book-to-movie disappointments for me was the Horse Whisperer. Robert Redford butchered that story. The DaVinci code was another one that didn't transfer well. This has the potential to be horrible if it isn't done right but I can't wait to see it..


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