Quick but Rambling....

A really quick post tonight as I'm going to make a start on wrapping presents.

Craig's hunting trip went as expected. I think both men had a good time but it will not be a repeatable event. The guy did not like walking or doing the whole "stay sat down on the hard ground for ages and be quiet" thing.  Neither would I actually. I have far too much ADD for that, which I why I wouldn't go hunting. Craig said at one point, as they were sat quiet, watching for deer, the guy opened a can of pop and a bag of crisps!  Which I think is hilarious and something I'd do, ha ha ha!

It was my last formal class tonight. On Tuesday I'll just do a review with them and their exam is on Thursday. Oh good Lord I am so ready for it to stop!! I love teaching but 16-week semesters are dreadful. But, and it's the most important point - teaching means a little more job security so I'm not complaining. As always happens at the end of a class I have gotten a little sentimental about the students leaving or drifting off, never to be seen again. It's weird this time though as normally I know them all and this time I don't. It's impossible to get to know 107 people in 16 weeks when you have a full cup with your kids.

Talking of which, it's definitely made a difference in my life, going from career #1 to kids #1.  I have let some things fall away and I have said no to things and I have not had my job as the priority in my life. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my job, but I'm not the gung-ho industry leader I was 6 years ago. A Professor rang me a couple of years ago when I was putting an education program together and he said "I'm back on the horse, now that the kids don't need me as much" (they are teenagers) and I didn't get it. I do now though. Right now I'm not leading like I used to. I'm chugging along and doing my job and being productive but I'm not being the mover and shaker of old. That's what parenthood does. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing. The boys come first and I don't think any human being would argue differently. It just gives me another guilt to burden, like parents don't carry enough.


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