Cranky Old Moo

We had visitors tonight who showed up somewhat unexpectedly and stayed till 9.30pm. And gave Danny an energy drink while they were here. You probably guessed already that they do not have children but I shouldn't be judgemental because I was probably that oblivious too, pre-kids. I want you to imagine a wildlife show where two monkeys are fighting and they run from room to room shrieking. That's what their bedtime was like. It's really is no wonder I drink.

Craig will be taking the husband out hunting soon and the wifey and I get along okay but during the elections they posted quite vocal anti-Obama stuff on their facebook pages and I have a horrible feeling that I de-friended the guy. So that's awkward. They are nice people but not close friends, and I feel like I'm getting too old and cranky to start up new relationships. And to be quite frank, my political opinions also reflect my social opinions so I really have no desire to hang out with right-wingers. And giving Daniel an energy drink at 9pm? That didn't help.


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