Thanksgiving Curve Ball

Today started with gusto and ended with a wimper. As the day progressed Jack coughed more and more, got hotter and hotter and got more lethargic. For the first time in his 6-year life he asked to go to bed in the afternoon! That is unheard of for a boy that runs at full speed from dawn till dusk.

So we didn't get to do our traditional Thanksgiving Day hike and I had to cancel on a friend's party tonight but it doesn't take away from the sentiments of the day.

Danny has been a trooper, even though he must be bored to death and we did get the dogs out for a couple of walks but still, it hasn't exactly been party central in this house.

I hope Jack's ok. The last two nights he's coughed so bad that he's thrown up. Poor lad.

I have to say though that I still feel thankful today. My family on both sides of the pond is healthy (excluding Jack's cold) and our life here is wonderful. We are blessed with great kids, two lovely dogs, wonderful friends and employment.  I'm excited that we have English visitors coming next year, including my mum, who has yet to meet Daniel.  So I feel very thankful and very happy today. Life is good for us.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Even if you aren't American it's always good to count your blessings.


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