It's Been a Rum Day

I finally dragged my poor sick bum to work this afternoon to teach, which I shouldn't have done but have no plan B.  First of all though I had to take both boys to school before I had showered. That was not a pleasant experience at Danny's pre-school because they are mostly moms that do lunch.  As I got out of my car in sloppy jeans, fleece jacket and mad bed-hair the woman next to me got out looking like something out of Falcon's Crest. I swear some of those women get dressed up for their day as if they are top models, with designer clothes and full make-up and dangling in gold. I'm a little jealous but mostly irritated by them. Get a life! I want to say. I don't of course.

So I got home at 5.30pm feeling blurgh and we had tea then Craig went shopping for his mum & dad's Christmas present. The poor man came back with the same thing we sent last year and looked crestfallen when I told him. What is it with men buying presents? He did get some nice things though and of course I'll help - it's just that we have nine grand nieces and nephews this year and I've been busy buying for them.

While Craig was shopping I suggested to Jack & Danny that we decorate the tree. After a minute of being ignored (telly was on), I said "ok, telly is off" and went over to turn it off.  Jack said "How dare you! Don't turn it off!"  So I said "Bed!" "Now!"   And so for the next hour he was screaming and shouting and carrying on in his bedroom and came out once to tell me he's leaving in the morning. And he begged and cried and cried and begged and made me feel like a heel but I stuck to my guns. I'm pretty proud of myself that I stuck to my guns because he's a very convincing crier that pulls at your heartstrings. After about an hour he calmed down and I went and sat on his bed and we had a talk about being cheeky & disrespectful (again) and he begged quietly again and I said no. I hope he's getting the message. Craig says he's just testing his boundaries. I hope so and normally we get on so well. Tonight's the first time he ever said he'd leave - isn't 6 a bit young for that?


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