Help from the Dog Whisperer

Thank God for friends. Especially ones that are animal specialists.  I have one coming over on Saturday morning to help me with Coco. Between the pee, the poo and the digging I'm tearing my hair out.

It's so not nice to be on the phone to someone when you step and slip on a puddle of pee on the top step of the steep basement stairs (maybe she's trying to kill me?). That actually happened tonight.

It's become the norm to come into the living room and find Daniel stood pointing at a big pile of poo shouting "There's poo in the house!". What makes this even more precious is if we have company (the shame)

I thought wiping a dogs muddy paws every time they go out was gruelling enough. Now I have to wash hers in a bowl of warm water first because she's got big clumps of soil stuck in the pads from digging.

She's dug two big tunnels under the fence that I have temporarily patched but will need work. She got out twice yesterday.

My cream living room carpet is a pee stained mess that I have to steam clean every week. She pees when we are in the house (she's crated when we leave her alone). And she gets let out a lot. Why is she doing this????

I've said it a hundred times but I'll say it again. It is a damn good job that dog is cute.

Wish me luck for Satuday morning with my dog whisperer. I have a feeling she'll be like Nanny 911 and tell me it's my fault for not exercising her enough (guilty look).


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