Best Friends

On the way to day-care yesterday Jack said "Danny's my best friend" so I asked him why. He said "because we play together". Then he said "daddy's my best friend" so I asked him why. He said "because he has to". Then he said "mummy's my best friend" and I asked him why and he said "because you love me". That's pretty perceptive for a 3-year old.

He has started telling me imaginative stories. Last night at bedtime he told me this story ... "I took your shoe and I threw it in the tree and then it fell out but got stuck in the mud, but the dinsoaurs were coming and they went wooooar and we ran away"

He is obsessed with airplanes and wants to go on one. Everytime one flies over our house, he waves at it and asks of we can go on one, or maybe even get some wings so we could fly ourselves.

The "why" questions are cute, exhausting and sometimes drive me crazy. I try and answer them but have had to resort to 'because mummy says so" or "I don't know, it just does" on many occasions. It's relentless - when will it stop?

He's very tactile and very talkative, like me. He's very much like me. Are we going to have kids where each one looks and acts like one particular parent?

We're going camping soon and he's sooo excited. Last night we had to pretend putting the tent up and wrapping ourselves in sleeping blankets. He was very convincing about the whole thing until he told me to sprinkle cheese on the top. 


And why wouldn't you! Love it. A x

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