Next Time the Bird Gets It

We just got back from camping at Lynn & Debbie's house in London (Ohio, not Old Blighty) and what a lovely time we had. It was great to hang out at their house and chat and eat glorious food and we went swimming in their next door neighbour's outdoor pool. 

Jack was so excited to sleep in the tent he kept sneaking in there and I had to keep shouting at him to come out. It was about 120 degrees in there and his face was as red as a beetroot. He'd scowl at me and come out, only to run back in when I turned my back, little monkey.

Danny's first time in the pool, watched by four adults all on pins, gasping every time he looked like he might tip over "hold him! steady him! don't let him drink the water! put his hat back on! where's the ozone strength sun cream?" Makes you wonder how the human race survived all these years when fussy mums like me weren't around.

Jack launching himself into the water 
(insert "Damn Busters" theme tune in your head for full effect)

At night we covered ourselves in mozzie-cream and watched a film outside. Can I just say how absolutely marvelous it was, sitting in the warm evening with friends, drinking wine, looking up at the stars and watching a funny film.  I can hardly see the moon from my house in the city there's so much light pollution and smog. By the way, the film was "I love you man" which was surprisingly good.

We got to the tent about midnight, then at 5am Danny woke up crying, Jack stirred, and a cockerel next door shrieked "Cock-a doodle!"   He was missing the "do" at the end for some reason. Maybe the last person that camped in these parts went over and tried to choke the little swine.  Craig and I let out a huge sigh and then just started laughing and wished each other a happy anniversary. You have to laugh don't you when you feel so crap you want to cry.

This morning, for some reason, and I'm not sure why now, we ended up looking at a few houses for sale in the area. One was on the edge of a big lake. I'll say it again - ON THE EDGE OF A LAKE and was only $94,500. But it needed loads of work and I'm just too tired. Ten years ago I would have jumped right in and got it fixed up but after two house renovations I'm buggered. The thought of more dry-wall work makes my bones ache. 

Tonight we're all tired and sunburnt but really happy. It was a fabulous weekend.


A lovely way to spend your anniversary weekend Pam - so pleased you all had such a good time. A x
Pam said…
Hi Anne:
Thanks! It was perfect.

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