Jack's 3-Year Docs Visit

Here's the little fella with the sunflower he grew from seed. Pretty impressive isn't it. What he doesn't know is that his mummy snapped it last week and I've been propping it up till it flowered this past weekend.

Here's his 3-year statistics from the docs today:
Height = 40 inches (95th %ile)
Weight = 35 lbs (70th %ile)

The doc is called Dr. Brown but Jack insisted on calling him Dr. Brownie, like his favourite chocolate cake, and he pestered him to death till he let him use his stethoscope. I had told Jack we were going to the doctors so he could check that he's okay, so he announced "I am happy and healthy!" as soon as we got there. 

I did wonder if the doc thought he had some vocabulary problems as he said "fleeping" instead of "sleeping"  but after 50 more test words he said he's doing great.  So overall a great visit and once again he made me laugh. I really enjoy his company these days because he's so cute and funny and inquisitive.

He was so well behaved that I took him for ice cream afterwards. He had "brown" flavor with sprinkles and got more on him than in him. I had blueberry frozen yogurt, you know, so he wouldn't feel embarrassed eating on his own.


Good to hear he is doing so well. He certainly deserved an ice cream and, well, you just have to join in don't you. A x

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