Schooling my English Lads

We've been talking a lot about schools for our lads.

Here's the conundrum: we love our house and our neighbours and our neighbourhood has one of the best primary/elementary schools in the state but the middle and high schools in our school district are a bit rough to say the least. They don't rank well and people generally don't say good things about them. So we could enter the Charter and Lottery system for middle and high school or go private (insert hilarious laughter here) or move.

I really don't want to move, just thinking about it makes me heart-heavy. I don't think I could ever find my house, my garden, and my neighbours anywhere else. I have no direct neighbours for starters. My little house sits alone and means we can be noisy and naked whenever the fancy takes us. Not that we walk around in the buff a lot but it is nice not to have anyone within peeking distance. My garden is a life project and I love my plants. I have plants that we bought to mark babies' births and birthdays. I have plants that have grown into breathtaking specimens of shape and color and scent. My trees and large shrubs feel like family and I couldn't leave them behind.

Also, we live in a liberal neighbourhood that cares about things and has festivals and outdoor concerts and farmers markets. Moving to a posh neighbourhood surrounded by women that do coffee mornings gives me the willies.

So, we are going to stay put. Work on the school thing and hope that our kids get a good mix of diversity, life challenges and education without too much of either one.

By the way,I use the term "English" lads because one of my colleagues saw this picture of Danny and said "he looks English!". I'm not rightly sure if it was a compliment. I think he looks like a little gem, but we probably shouldn't mess with him when he's older. I'm not going to tell him to go to bed early - would you?


Such a difficult decision to make but you are probably right staying put Pam.

Your lads are gorgeous but Danny certainly seems to be giving "a look". A x
Pam said…
Hi Anne, Yes, the school system over here is so complicated it's going to take a degree to work it out. Danny boy is a little star, he really is. Makes me go wobbly just thinking about him.
Clippy Mat said…
you know, it sounds like an absolutely lovely place you've got there, and the kids are on the right track so i'm sure things will fall into place. and danny? yep, little english boy :-)

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