I Do Like a Bit of Pomp

We took a picnic and a big blanket and we trundled off to our local park for the weekly summer concert that's free and very jolly indeed. I do love to sit on the grass and listen to a band, especially one like this that is comprised of talented teenagers from high schools across Ohio. 

The American flag was fluttering from a tree and the evening was a perfect 75 degrees with a cool breeze. Jack danced like only a toddler can dance and he was in awe of the drum major as he twirled his baton. He looked at me and said "I want to throw a big stick mama!" Danny played on the blanket and got lots of admiring looks from all the grandparents that sat around us. 

It's one of my favourite things about the neighbourhood. Our little bit of Americana.


Clippy Mat said…
that looks like GREAT fun. i love a good big band, stirs you up and makes you feel alive. good fun for the kids too i bet. we go to a park near here sometimes on a sunday but the bands are not quite as good as that one. however, any kind of free outdoor entertainment on a good day is fab in my book.
Kelsey said…
I need to get over feeling like it is such a chore to take the kids out sometimes, because my kids would have loved something like that. I'm sure something similar is happening here as well.

Glad you had fun!
Excellent - I love to hear the band as well Pam - sounds like you had a fun evening. A x

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