Crazy or Chaste - Pick your Poison

Since I've had kids my PMS symptoms have, let's just say, been a little amplified. It got so bad last week that I had a complete meltdown over a tin of ravioli.

I'm meeting my doctor in a few days and I'll talk to her about it but I really don't want to start taking any kind of medicine. I don't take medicine. I would prefer to lie on my death bed covered in sores than ask anyone for a bit of antibiotic cream. Stupid I know but that's how I am.

I was so excited when I started looking at natural cures and I found Agnus castus, otherwise known as Vitex. There are scientific papers published by the British & American medical professions about its efficacy and it's readily available in health food shops. I thought GREAT! I'll tootle off to the shop, take a few and by this time next week I'll be like Julie Andrews.

Then I read about the side effects. They don't call it the chaste berry for no reason. It smothers your sex drive so much that monks use it to stay celibate. When I was recounting all this last night to my husband his face went from elated to crestfallen. Then he looked at me and said "I'd prefer that you tried to kill me".


Clippy Mat said…
your poor hubby. he wasn't kidding was he? LOL
(you COULD give one tsp. to you and one tsp. to him then he might not mind so much)
okay just a thought
Kelsey said…
This is really interesting to me because I have felt similarly since Michael was born (is it the BOYS that really mess up our hormones?). Will you follow up with us about your appointment?

And seriously, I wonder what my husband would choose, I'm honestly not sure. Sadly.
Pam said…
Hey Clippy! Great idea but it would have to be 6 tsp. for him ....

Hi Kelsey - I told the doc I did not want medication. She said there's some good ones should I change my mind.
On the "natural" front - Calcium supplements are linked to PMS mood (and good for bones obviously) and lots of hard sweaty exercise. Not sure I want to do the second one though.

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