Popcorn Movies

Years ago we watched the Eddie Izzard sketch about "popcorn" movies and ever since we've ranked them as such.  I was fiddling about doing stuff tonight and Craig came into the kitchen to make popcorn. He said "I'm going to watch the new Rambo film". 
After about an hour I walked through the room to see both Craig AND our dog Cody just loading that popcorn like their life depended on it. I asked how the film was. Craig said "In all my life I've never seen so much blood and gore".  I think he liked it. 


Fredsueand me said…
hello pam hope your all well.
how mad that you should talk about eddie izzard. i met him last thursday. he is running the length of britain for charity this month and he twitters where he is day to day, anyway i follow his tweets and knew he would be setting off from tarleton along the A59 so when he said he was off i drove out to see if i could see him, i passed him by the police headquarters and stopped to give him a clap. anyway he stopped for a minute and said hello. he is a lovely fella. on his 25th marathon in 27 days, he must be bonkers but he is amazing for doing it eh.
me and sue have got tickets to go and see him in november at liverpool arena cant wait.
TTFN x x
Clippy Mat said…
loved him then. and now.
that was a good laugh

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