A Career in Ass-Kissing

Something happened to me yesterday that I thought I'd write about, then I just read Wifey's blog and saw that she had encountered something similar - namely dealing with someone who wants to jump on for the ride.

I met a woman yesterday that's offering a service to our group at work. She was incredibly dynamic and personable. The kind of woman that takes charge and has balls as big as Arnold. She can play the political game like a pro, seal the deal, balance the check book and woop any of her male colleagues at golf, all on the same day.  Lipstick and nice perfume and high heels.  A lady very much in charge of life.  

I, on the other hand, rarely wear make-up, have a corking farmers tan, swear like a sailor, have no interest in work politics and wear Tevas.

When she met me she exclaimed "Oh! You're Pam X! You are amazing! I've read all your articles and I know you did this and this and this".  And I thought, Holy Cow, what a compliment. I must be a lot more famous than I thought. It's impossible to hear someone lavish praise on you and not suck it up just a little bit.

As the afternoon wore on, I heard her say it to a couple of other people and then I felt foolish. This woman isn't daft. She's done her homework. If we sign up with her, we're going to be looked after and I have no doubt she's going to get the job done. 

But today we all sat around and laughed at how we all got sucked in and the fact that she kissed so much ass to get the job. The falseness of it all, the uncomfortableness of it all. We'll have to work with her so I hope she drops the ass-kissing now that we've signed up. 

Now I've had time to digest it, I actually feel really sorry for her. Imagine having to spend your days sucking up to people and trying to get them on your side. You couldn't ever just relax and have a laugh because you have an agenda, you have to constantly impress. I suppose that's "sales" for you,  but I couldn't do it for all the tea in China.


Some have to go on courses don't they, to be "brainwashed" into handling people the way their company wants. I feel sorry for them too. I remember many years ago being told "if you watch a salesman get out of his car to call on someone, he will straighten his tie, adjust his cuffs etc etc. All this is to help him 'psych himself up' to dealing with the call". Good luck with her. A x
mountainear said…
I think once upon a time we would have called the likes of her 'creep' - mainly because of the act they had to put on to befriend/impress. It's a job like everything else I guess.
Pam said…
Hi Anne: Must be a terrible strain all the time. Glad I picked a job where people are easily pleased!
Hey Mountainear: Very creepy indeed. Her red lipstick actually made her more demonic!

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