Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lottery Dreams

The Mega Millions Lottery is at $207 million and is drawn tomorrow night. I bought a few lines tonight, like we always do.

People say - why buy them? There's a 1-in-a-zillion chance of winning a fiver. 

I buy them because it gives me something to daydream about. I daydream about how to spend my millions. Mostly paying off all debt of our loved ones and buying houses for everyone. 

The lottery ticket makes sure that each week I can have a little dream. Wish me luck. 


Clippy Mat said...

good luck. i'm a dreamer too.
it would be great to change people's lives in a good way. :-)

Kelsey said...

We only by tickets when the jackpots get really high - like over $100 million. Because apparently $12 million would not satisfy me?

I LOVE the time between buying the tickets and finding out we didn't win - it is so much fun to think of what that money could do.

Pam said...

Hi guys,
yep. another week at work. Maybe next week ...

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