Road Rage

I took Jack to our local DIY shop yesterday for a kids workshop where he could build something. He had a fabulous time and got a badge and a certificate and the toy he made. We left the shop in the sunshine so we drove out with our windows down and he was chattering madly.

On the way out of the car-park I have to turn left and it's a bit of a nightmare because all the oncoming traffic from the left never uses their indictors (turn signals) to show they are turning in. But I was taught never to pull out in that situation, even if you think people might be turning in, and especially if they don't use their indicators. Having Jack in the back makes me extra careful.

I was first in line, there were 3 cars coming from the left and none of them used their indicators so I sat and waited and the driver behind me went NUTS. After the first car, he pomped his horn. Second car he pulled forward till he was right on me and blew his horn several times. Third car he was screaming and shouting and just going mental. After the third car had come in (and this whole episode can't have lasted more than 30 seconds), and we pulled out he tried to undercut me, realized he couldn't so swerved around me, drew level and screamed "you f***ing stupid blonde f***ing bitch"

Right in front of my son.

He then went on to undercut and go nuts with all the drivers in front of me till we got on the freeway. 

I know the guys is a nutter and I know it wasn't my fault but it really upset me that he did it in front of Jack.  Sometimes, people can be real wankers.


Clippy Mat said…
bloody moron. i hope he was ashamed of himself after that.
poor jack. poor you. :-(
Anonymous said…
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Kelsey said…
I'm really sorry that happened, but glad no one was hurt (physically) because of that guys stupidity. Rage issues and cars are a bad mix.
Horrible thing to happen to you, quite scary. Did Jack say anything about it? A x
Pam said…
Clippy: I hope he finally asked himself how he'd have thought had someone done that to his wife and kids. Still makes me mad to think of it.
Hey Ted: Really? No joke? I'm very flattered so thanks - you made my day.
Hi Kelsey:Imagine how angry that guy must get on a daily basis!
Hi Anne: He was totally oblivious, thankfully!
mountainear said…
I'd have called him worse than moron.

I was taught to not to assume if people were indicating they would actually turn and vice versa. I've therefore done a lot of waiting at junctions. I'll bet he was held up at the next set of lights too. What's so important about being first in the race?

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