A Great Day at the Fair

We had a fabulous day today at the Ohio State Fair and being a big kid again has really made me feel better, less stressed-out. We rode the rides and got to watch Jack squeal with excitement. I rode one that made me queasy and Craig admitted that the big slide was a bit faster than he had imagined. We both used to skydive and now we're nervous of kids fairground rides - how funny is that.

I also put Weight Watchers to the back of my mind for the day because at the state fair all bets are OFF.   Today I ate: a chicken gyro, a root-beer float and a funnel cake, which probably constitutes a weeks worth of points but I don't care and still have the icing sugar on my shoes to prove it. I could also have eaten: deep fried ravioli, deep fried Oreos, deep fried Buckeyes and deep fried dill pickles. Notice a theme here? 
For English people - a gyro is a kebab, a root-beer float is pop with ice cream floating on it and funnel cake is a big squiggly donut the size of a dinner plate, cooked in fat and then covered in icing sugar. 

Jack had the absolute time of his life and he came home with an inflatable pirate hammer and  a Sponge Bob Square Pants bat and ball set. I wish I could remember all the things he's saying and the questions he's asking at the moment because he's dead funny. The very last thing we did was a big bungee thing that we paid for and then he got frightened and didn't want to do it. Then the attendant tried to pick him up and take him over to it which made him hysterical but we told him he absolutely didn't need to do it if he didn't want to. On the way home I asked him why he changed his mind and didn't want to do it and he said "the lady was scary". I silently agreed, seeing as she had no teeth and was sun burnt bright red.  If I was 3 she'd have scared me to death too.

Craig & Jack on the big slide...


And a good time was had by all from the sound of it. The slide looked good fun too and Jack looks very sweet.

Last year we took our two grand-daughters (who happen to live nearby) to the local fairground. Eldest didn't want to do one ride with youngest who was VERY disapppointed so I volunteered to go on with her. Offer accepted and I found myself many feet up in the air going round and round!

A x
Clippy Mat said…
funnel cake? hah i could eat 3 of them. :-)
Pam said…
Hi Anne: When we are forced into it, it turns out fun doesn't it!

Hey Clippy: That sounds like a challenge! I accept!

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