Kick Off with District 9

This weekend is our 13th wedding anniversary and I can't believe it, though I'm sure most married couples say the same. That time has flown by. 
My marriage is a happy one, with a husband that's my best friend and he's a fabulous dad. 
He's not perfect mind you and I could bonk him on the head many times, but he would definitely say the same about me. 

Tonight we kicked it off by going to see District 9.  I can't show the trailer in my blog, sorry,  so you'll have to click on the link. It was a GREAT film, unlike any film I've seen in years and I need to watch it again because suddenly I get it - the whole apartheid thing.  It's a bit science fiction, a lot action, a bit drama, a lot to think about afterwards and definitely lends itself to a serial.. We both REALLY liked it. 

I would give it an A


Congratulations on your 13th anniversary Pam and Craig. Hope you have a happy weekend of celebrations. Have not heard of District 9 - will keep an eye out for it. A x
Pam said…
Anne; Thank you! Yes do try and watch it - it's an amazing film and very moving at the end.

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