Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beat Blue: Part 2

Today's game was fabulous. It was freezing cold but well worth bracing the weather to watch the last game of the season. The Buckeyes won 37-7.

The big controversy of the day is the new block "O" gloves. When the Buckeyes did something great, they formed an "O", to the delight of the crowd. The referees were most disgruntled and gave us at least two penalties for over- celebration. Eh? What? If this is over celebration then I'm Barbara Bush. Complete tosh.

The Buckeyes also wore retro uniforms to honor the 1942 team. They were very cool indeed. This is not a picture of them, just a picture I took of our Mascot Brutus Buckeye, celebrating in the endzone. Now THAT's celebrating (gloves? Pah!)

At one point I found myself stood next to Michigan's flag bearers in Lady Gaga mode. Cute!

As a treat for the poor boys who'd been cooped up in the basement all day (dad was watching the football at home), we took them to their favourite play place tonight and they played like maniacs for a hour. Our Danny has completely abandoned the toddler area and now goes into the big kids area, which is high-up and sometimes I don't see him for several minutes. It's not good for my blood pressure I can tell you.

Next up - Craig's birthday week! My better half turns 41. I think he'd look rather dashing in one of those retro jerseys.

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