Zombies & Captain America

My post tonight is going to be a mix of discombobulated nonsense, sorry.

There are several things rattling around in my head that I want to share, like the new series that me and Craig have started watching: "Walking Dead" about Zombies in Atlanta. It's great, with lots of zombie action, blood, eating of rats and frantic running of our young and beautiful heroes. It scares Craig enough that he has nightmares. Not me though. Ghosts and zombies are a breeze. It's real life scary people that scare me to death, like the Petit family murderers. Anyway, what's quite funny is that at the end of each episode, we enter a competition every Sunday to be a zombie! Oh I hope we win. I'd love to be a zombie for a day. Rargghhhh!

Jack is currently Captain America. He takes the metal lid off my bread-bin and uses it as his shield, then puts on his winter gloves and runs around the house protecting everyone. It's just fantastic to watch. Must video him.

Danny has been thwarted in his quest to shove his hands down his pants every time he poos. I have found onsies for 3-year olds that fit him! I wish I could find a similar fix for his major tantrums. We had two today: one when I tried to take his toothbrush away and one when we brought him away from his train table for dinner tonight. Poor Linda told me that she doesn't enjoy taking him to the park as he does it when she makes them leave and people stare. How bad is that? My child causes such a commotion in the park that people stare!

My Christmas cards from Shutterfly have been shipped! Yes, I got the deal by doing a promotional blog post about the company but all I know is this: I have 50 gorgeous and personally designed Christmas cards for $8.43 s&h. It should have cost $109!! You can't even buy 50 crap snow-scene cards for $8.43. The only stipulation is that you have a blog and that you do a post about it. Easy!

That's it. Maybe next time I'll talk about the Black Friday deals, changing pediatricians (mine is an arse) and my question on whether to put your young child in Kindergarten at 5 or 6. But not now. Now I'm going to make sure there's no zombies in the basement and then go to bed. :-)


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