Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beat Blue Week: Part 1

When I lived in England I thought American football was boring compared to proper football (soccer) because they stop and start, and stop and start. It seemed like nobody ever got anything done. But here's the thing about American football. It is not like soccer or rugby. Do not compare it to either sport. Think of American football as you would a game of chess or a military operation. It is strategic and organized. There are teams for each situation and complicated strategies for each situation. No, they will not run for 90 minutes - that isn't the game. The game is all about outsmarting the opponent with strategy, and that's that why I love it.

What's interesting is that the BBC did a documentary about Ohio State and Coach Woody Hayes back in 1977. They must have heard about the legendary coach and wanted to meet him. I did try and find the original on the web but couldn't. By the way though, I've seen Woody's original chalkboard - are you impressed? (I would guess friends in the USA would say yes, UK no). So anyway, this week is Ohio State-Michigan Week. The biggest rivalry game in college football. I love this game. Love it. Please bear with me.

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