A Few Ups & Downs & Take That!

  • My Boss came to see me and brought me a cookie and made me laugh. I have a great boss.
  • Cody (my lovely dog) has a lump. The vet told me last year after a biopsy that it was fat but it's got bigger and it's hard. Back to the vet we go.
  • Jack's teacher pulled me aside and told me how sweet & nurturing he was in class. Bless.
  • WalMart's new phone service "Straight Talk" BLOWS and I have wasted hours of my time and money before I threw in the towel and went back to Verizon Wireless.
  • Danny used the potty today at 21 months old! Genius I tell you.
  • The political happenings of this week make me want to go and live in Canada. Although thinking about it that's far too close to Sarah Palin. Enough said.
  • Craig and Danny have really terrible colds while Jack and I are skipping about with clear nasal passages and no need for tissues. But I have this niggling feeling ..
  • I am watching, like a hawk after a squirrel, for Take That to come to the USA on tour. They formed 20 years ago in England and then they fell out. Just this year they made up. If they announce a USA tour I will pounce, ninja-style on Craig and make him buy us tickets. I am not ashamed to say I loved, and now again love this group. It seems at last that Robbie and Gary have made up, as you can see:


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