Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pet Hate: Automatic Faucets

About a month ago I went into a restroom and then stood in front of the sink trying to activate the automatic faucet (tap) so I could wash my hands. I stood, waving my hands from side-to-side and acting like a demented person until a kind lady next to me leaned over and said "they aren't automatic". And I mumbled, "ahh, yes of course" and turned the faucet on and did the deed. How embarrassing.

Stupid automatic faucets.

When they are actually in the restroom only half of them work and the other half require you to shake your hands like you are trying to fight off a swarm of bees.

And just yesterday morning a lady on the radio was complaining that she put her handbag in the sink next to her while she washed her hands and the faucet filled her handbag with water. So it's not just me that has had issues with these things then. That's good.

I appreciate that in the medical field they might be rather handy. But do we really need them in our public restrooms? Are we too lazy and too stupid to work out how to wash our hands on our own?

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