It's Cowboy Time!

We were off today for Veteran's Day. It was a gorgeous day - I think we actually reached 70 degrees and it was sunny and calm, in complete contrast to the gales in England that looked awful. The poor weatherman in Blackpool that I was watching on the BCC website was being whipped about and had ruddy cheeks from the sea spray.

We played outside a lot and then later this afternoon I met my friend Kristen at a local indoor play area so our kids could go nuts in the play-set and we could sit & chat. It's always good adult therapy and we got to eat pizza - bonus, as they say over here!

I captured a 30-second video in the garden today of Jack being a rodeo cowboy. And if you look in the left background you'll see Danny putting soil & small rocks in the air conditioning unit. Little terror. Sorry about the video quality. I don't know how to change the settings when I export for web through Quicktime...

Finally, Happy 60th Birthday to my step-mum Sheila and of course Thank You to veterans past and present.


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