Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moonshined Popcorn: TS3

I took Jack to see Toy Story 3 tonight at the cinema. His first ever cinema visit. When the film started he leaned over and whispered "this is the best time in my whole life!"

To save some money I made popcorn at home and filled a ziplock bag with it and snook it in my bag. As we were leaving the house Linda said to Jack "don't tell them at the cinema that you have your own popcorn" which is tantamount to telling him to tell them at the cinema that we have our own popcorn. As we were walking towards the entrance doors he looked up at me and said "mummy, I'll tell them we have NO popcorn!" Oh dear. Thankfully he didn't say anything to humiliate me in the foyer so we munched our way through our cheap popcorn had a fine old time. Imagine being told by the teenager at the counter to remove your moonshined popcorn from your bag before being allowed entry. It would have taken me a few weeks to get over that one.

What a great film and nowhere near as scary for Jack as I thought it was going to be - in fact Jack wasn't fazed at all. We laughed a lot and of course I cried at the end. So a big thumbs up for Toy Story 3. As I'm sat here typing, Jack is playing with his Buzz and Woody toys, pretending they are flying all over the front room and shouting "To divinity and beyond!" Good enough.

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