Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving at Highbanks

Happy Thanksgiving!
We spent a big chunk of it hiking at Highbanks Park. The rain kept off for the time we were there and the kids had a great time picking up sticks and leaves and splashing in puddles. As I type, Craig & Danny having post-dinner naps and Jack is playing in a big cardboard box I found at work yesterday and dragged home.

A pair of Bald Eagles. What an absolute treat to see them today!

View from the observation deck

Native American earthworks that run in a circle, for about 1/4 mile around where their camp probably stood. The mounds are made of red and yellow riverbed clay not common to the area, so brought from miles away.

200 year-old oak trees that were planted in a line and marked the boundary of the Pool Family's farm. They came from New York to make a new life in Ohio and they had 13 kids. She died at age 37 and he at 53 & their gravestones are on one of the trails. Times were hard for the frontiers folk of Ohio; harsh weather, little food and bears and Shawnee & Mohican Indians trying to kill you!

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