Monday, November 22, 2010

Things on our Magnetic Board

At school this morning, Jack made his Thanksgiving card & told his teachers he was thankful for me, has dad, his grandparents and his pets. I had talked to him this past weekend about it and in hindsight it would have been a lot funnier if I hadn't, since at least two of his friends said they were thankful for cereal and tractors.

He wrote his letter to Santa tonight. He said the words and I wrote them down verbatim. I am very proud of him - he now writes his "J" with the tail off to the left as it should be. Until this week he'd been doing it backwards, to the right. The picture is a kid's air hockey table, in case you were a bit confused.

Lastly, I find this too funny not to post (sorry teachers). Last week the kids took stuffed animal toys to school and put on a pet puppet-show. Jack took a skunk and got this cute certificate from a teacher that, erm, can't spell. . .

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