Bart Man

I think I might have a tiny bit of understanding why Bart's last crazy owner called him the devil. Now she was craaaazy and really mean to him for 6 years, so I'm not sticking up for her by any means, but he has certain personality traits that drive you nuts.

First of all, he walks or jumps in front of your feet when you leave a room or walk down the basement steps and it really is a small miracle that none of us have fallen. He did it to Craig on Sunday and Craig tripped, put his back out and has been on pain pills ever since.  He also pops up where you least expect him. Last week I left him in the kitchen and I went to do laundry in the basement. When I turned on the light in the laundry room he was sat on the washer looking at me. It nearly gave me a stroke!

But he's such a great cat with a huge personality. He loves us all and is even playing with Ben now. he opens doors, jumps on anything high, loves to be with us. The perfect cat. No cat will ever fill Frank's place in my heart, but Bart's a good one. I hope he's around for a long time.

I just realised that my friend Heather also posted today about her beloved cat, Sanders, who she lost 9 months ago. That's probably what made me subconsciously write about Bart tonight.

Our Bart

Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow. It was a 4-day week but felt long. I love my job but I'm exhausted. Tonight I put the left-overs from dinner in bowls and then put them back in the plate cupboard.


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