How to Treat Girls

We got Jack's school picture back today. Doesn't he look fed-up? He swears he was smiling but you'd never know. I don't know why we keep paying money to school photographer companies because they are always terrible. One year they wet his hair and then patted it down and he looked like a serial killer.

People tell me that he's a handsome lad and to "beat the girls back". That line is a good one and I've used it myself on several occasions to other mums but it always makes me smile  because when I was a teenager I had a horrible experience with a boyfriend's mum who had the opinion that she would do just that.   By coincidence, my boyfriend Tony had the same last name as me. We dated for about a year in 1987 and during that time I went to his house several times. Each time she either ignored me or set me up for humiliation. For example, one time we had dinner there and she came through from the kitchen with a plate of food, went to pass it to me, then as I reached for it she gave it to Tony and glared at me like I had been presumptuous. I can still see the hate in that wicked woman's face. I was not the woman I am now back then - I was a shy teenager and was seriously scared and upset that she was so mean to me. She also once picked up an album of mine (Michael Jackson's Thriller I think) that I had lent to Tony and announced to the whole room "Think you're going to marry him do you?" because she saw the second name written on it. Tony told her we shared the same name and I have no doubt that she stuck another pin in my voodoo doll later on.

So anyway, she was seriously obsessed with her son and so horrible to me, his girlfriend, that I have it ingrained on my soul. My boys will be taught to treat girls with respect but I also hope that I will always treat girlfriends with respect. I hope. And to complete the story - our relationship ended when I was on a college internship and then he showed up one night, head shaved and a bit nuts. It was not good. I do wonder where he is sometimes and hope he's happy because he was a really nice person. She, on the other hand, was mean.


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