It's NaBloPoMo!!!

Well then - it's November, which means it's  National Blog Posting Month (Nablopomo)!
According to the rules, I must post each day in November and since I've always done it I'll commit again this year. I've not been blogging this summer/fall anywhere near like I would normally because (1) my life is nuts and (2) I'm getting senile, but I WILL post each day this month.

I aim to use this time to catch up on family visits, kids, home life, stuff. Will try not to make it too mommy/boring/naff.

But this IS mommy -  I'm still up at 11pm making my sock monkeys look fabulous for the craft show tomorrow at Jack's school. Yep, I'm making sock monkeys. Actually I love it (Thank you Sue). Might have found my calling.

That's it for tonight - got to get to my monkeys. See you tomorrow then! :)


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