Storm. But Columbus is OK

So we did go bowling. My photographer neighbour/friend took lots of pictures so I'll post them at some point. It started off ok then Danny decided he didn't like it (because he didn't know it and was afraid). We all tried to coax him and he refused for a couple of frames but then came in at the 5th when he decided it was ok. And he WON! And he got a strike! When he won he was jumping up and down with excitement. It was so good. Jack and the other kids were cool about it.

 Then we came home and got storm ready! We took stuff down to the basement:
 Phones, computers and tablets
Clothes & Shoes
Contact lenses
Money (wallets and purses)
Stuff to protect us in the basement bathroom: pillows, bike helmets for the kids, duvets, a huge stuffed giraffe (lol, yes really)
Luke the Hamster
Ben's leash

 That's it. I found it enlightening how little everything else meant. I stood in the office and looked at my boy's "memory boxes" and thought no - it's not that important. We are going to need clothes and communication and water if this thing hits badly enough. Thankfully it did not. We got strong winds but that's it. Illinois and Indiana got hit bad.

Here's a video and the poor man is so scared he's doing the Lord's prayer. I'd be swearing & crying at that point. Definitely wouldn't be filming it!



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