Weekend Catch-Up

Yesterday was such a great day. Craig was hunting so I took the kids walking for over 3.5 hours!  They messed about in the creek and Ben finally got a big old walk. Craig didn't get anything yet but he enjoys his time in the woods.  I also let the boys watch "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" for the first time and it was great. I was pleasantly surprised how funny it was. Last night I started work on the family calendar that I make each year for family in England then I went to bed early. I was shattered.

I haven't done a Sunday morning walk in a while but I'm glad I did this morning. I met my friend Becca and we walked to a breakfast cafe and had an omelet then walked 5 miles. It's both healthy and therapeutic! I love my Sunday morning walks.
Today we are taking the boys bowling and then hunkering down and getting ready for a big storm that's supposedly coming later. Fingers crossed we won't lose our power again.


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