The Worst Salesman in Ohio

I am selling Jack's loft bed because I can't change the sheet without cursing like a sailor and I can't sit on his bed and read him a story. He's fed up with it too. Our fabulous neighbours have given us matching twin beds that I can't wait to set up.

I posted the loft bed on a local buy, sell, and trade Facebook site so that I wouldn't have to deal with Craigslist crazies and got some good responses already.  A lady came over to see it tonight so I spent 30 minutes after work tidying the house and doing my best to make it look like we aren't slobs. I also instructed Jack not to talk because he has a habit of talking people's ears off and telling them things he shouldn't (like how much we paid for it, for example).

Just as the doorbell rang Jack went into the bathroom (which is opposite his bedroom) and did a horrendously smelly poo. And then he came into his bedroom and showed the woman where all the scuff marks on the bed were, including a place where there had been a name in marker pen and I'd buffed it out (not too well).

Nice one Jack.


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