Sleep-Over & Bouncing

Jack got to have a sleep-over at his friend's house last night. As soon as he got home from school it started "Can we leave yet?" "Can we leave yet?" "Can we leave yet?" "Can we leave yet?" Finally we took him and he got to build forts and play video games and watch a movie. He told me he stayed up till 2.30am. Then recounted and said 11pm. I have no idea what time he went to bed. All I know is he loved it and told me several times today that he didn't want to leave.

When I dropped Jack off at the sleep-over house Danny broke his heart crying so Craig and I took him to Magic Mountain (an indoor play area) and we spoilt him a bit. He also got to sleep with us last night. He woke up at 8am and declared "That was awesome! I slept all night!" which is in contrast to me, who didn't sleep at all. It was probably a combination of waiting for a possible call to go and get Jack and knowing that my 4-year old was right next to me that kept me awake. A couple of times I did sneak a kiss or stroke his cheek or hold his little hand. Those moments are precious.

So we picked Jack up this morning then went straight to a birthday party till noon. It's an indoor trampoline place and the boys went nuts for two hours...

Danny leaps into the foam pit

Craig and I cleaned the house from top to bottom this afternoon, now we're waiting on our friends Eric & Dave coming over for dinner. It's only 6.20 and I just poured myself a glass of wine, but I think I deserve it!


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