Jack's Teacher Conference

Tonight we went to Jack's teacher conference. While we were waiting outside his first grade teacher came out for a hug and to say Hi. She asked why Jack had skipped the last two chess club meetings because he's gone religiously every day the last 2 years (errrr, news to me). I said I'd ask him.  Then I looked at some of the art work outside his room and his proudly declared that he goes scuba diving. No he doesn't. Is this my child I wondered? Then a support teacher came over and showed us his "good citizen pledge" and it was to mow our neighbour's lawn. Sod that. He needs to mow OUR lawn!

But we had a great conference with his teacher Mrs N. He's doing really well and she talked about how lovely he was. She also relayed a couple of funny stories. We both came away with some tips to help him, but overall feeling good.

I asked him why he hasn't been going to chess. I guess he's been learning how to use that plastic loom to make bracelets with rubber bands, which is all the rave at the moment. That'll be the gift of the year I bet. He's pestering for one already but there's no way I'm buying him presents this close to Christmas.

One last thing. He asked Linda what the word "f**k" meant today and said that someone told him how to say and spell it. So we had a little chat.  I know the mum of the other kid pretty good. Should I say something? I don't feel like I should, since we've dealt with it at this end. If that's all I've got to worry about then things are pretty good I think.


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