I have been sick today. Woke up at 3am with a sore throat, the kind that makes you cringe when you swallow, and I also had that achy body where you feel like you've done a few rounds with Tyson.  So when the alarm went off this morning Craig got up and saw to the kids and got them off the school and called my boss and brought me medicine, bless him. I hate feeling sick. I can't lie in bed thinking "I must get better". I lie in bed thinking "I must get up and do something".  I did get up and shower and do a few chores but generally shuffled from room to room feeling sorry for myself.

I had my flu shot last week and I wonder if its made me ill. The same thing happened last year. I'm probably just being paranoid.
So I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow because I'm teaching then I have Jack's teacher conference (and I have to take a desert in for the teacher's lounge). This week is a full week actually. I better get to bed.


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