Craft Show & Bommy Night

One day into Nablopomo and I FAILED miserably. Guess I should try a bit harder huh.

Yesterday was such a crazy day though. It was the craft show at Jack's elementary school and I had a table with two other mums. I sold a few sock monkeys and had a good time catching up with friends and neighbours but I was there from 8.30 to 3 and of course got roped into the dismantle at the end. There's about 6 of us on the PTA that do everything, which is good since we all get along great, but also a pain in the bum because we get saddled with all the work at every event. I'm not sure why only 6 of us out of 200 sets of parents are the only ones willing to do stuff. Oh well.

My crafter friends, Erika and Eileen

I made $46 in sales but then bought stuff on the silent auction, including this art work from Jack's 2nd grade class. His hand is the one top middle, with the black finger nails. Mmmm, where to put it?

When I got home about 3.30 I laid on the couch and was a total couch potato while Craig took the boys on a haunted train ride (he had gone hunting in the morning but didn't get a deer).

Last night we all went to Maureen's house for the annual Bonfire Night party with the Brits. That has quickly turned into one of my favourite events of the year. I love my British friends. We did have a few issues with a child there who was encouraged by his mum to fight and punch to get what he wanted. He hit Jack a few times and even walloped him over the head with a garden stake at one point. That was the point that my alter-ego showed up and I put an end to it. I like the mum but I haven't raised my kids to be violent and I don't appreciate it when other parents act like that. I see no reason to tell a child that hitting is okay. None at all. Some parents think that teaching a boy to be a "man" is important I guess.

Today we got to sleep in. Hurrah for fall-back! My goal is to hoover, since I haven't in 2 weeks and my house is a box full of dog hair. And of course there's laundry, dishes, tidying and trying to throw away all the plastic crap and candy the kids got for Halloween without them seeing me do it.


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