Reaching Out

Once a month me & Jack volunteer at a local venture that gives a meal to the needy. Jack really needed to go to his martial arts class tonight if he wants to go for his green belt next week, but he insisted that he came with me instead because he loves going.  That made me VERY proud. As usual we had a really good time. We fed about 50 people and we mingled with them. We sat down and talked with them. And I am not being superior about this, because Craig and I have been there and done that.  Also, it's not a huge stretch that we might need that service in our lifetime. I can tell you this much - when Craig and I got here in 1999 we would have gone there if we'd known about it because we had nothing. And we had many days with no food.

But anyway - There's a little old lady that comes each mealtime. She's about 80 and tiny and very quiet. Me and Jack helped her out to her car tonight with some extra food and she whispered "thank you" as I helped her get it loaded into her car. I got about halfway home and kicked myself for not offering to host her on Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes I'm such a selfish idiot.


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