Sock Monkeys!

My friend Sue in England makes amazing sock monkeys. She also knits and does lots of other craft stuff and she plays lots of musical instruments and she's a fabulous singer. She just had that creative gene.  It's amazing to watch, especially when she sings, which she doesn't do too much since she's got kids. 
She was kind enough recently to share her sock monkey making skills with me because I wanted to make them for a craft show at Jack's school. She made me use my sewing machine, that I have had for 5 years and never used (I did learn to sew many years ago at high school but 80% of that is gone). So anyway, I made 7 sock monkeys for the craft show. I sold 4 and gave 3 away to close friends. The early ones were not good and I kept them at home.  Here they are: Camo Tommy, Tutu Tallulah, Pirate Sam, American Sam, Stripey, English George and Spotty....

My very first one during construction  - Now at home with Daniel
Since the auction I've made two for friends for free. Both have daughters that want a tutu monkey.  I loved making them because they are great girls. If anyone else asks for their kid I'll say no  - unless I love your child of course (thinking Katy or Hannah) and then I'll say yes.

One for my friend: Tutu Monkey
I thought I might have an Etsy account or FB page but that would get on my nerves BIG TIME - people wanting me to respond and pestering me. Maybe I'll just make some and do the odd craft fair?
Whatever  I do I'm grateful to my friend Sue for giving me a little craft that I can do. Now I don't feel like such a Neanderthal.


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