Snippets on Wednesday

I got home at 10pm tonight and I'm knackered but it was a good day. Here's some random thoughts from my day:

I'm so much more comfortable writing this blog bra-less. That thing was poking me badly.

This would be so much easier without a 50 lb dog on my lap, but he missed me, so I'll work around it.

Only got another week of teaching and I'm done. This semester has kicked my arse.

Had lunch with a friend who just escaped from a tyrant, psycho boss. So I'm feeling so thankful for my boss.

A friend had her dog snatched by a coyote this morning while she was in the garden with her. I can't stop thinking about that.

Tonight I shopped for 2 hours with PTA ladies for the kid's holiday shop. It was okay. Not fun really though. The PTA ladies that I have a laugh with couldn't come, so every time I saw something really stupid or cheesy I had no one to share it with.

I was rude to a 3rd grader and enjoyed it far too much. She asked if I had a quarter and I said I did, then she motioned for me to give it to her (by curling her fingers at me), so I walked off. By the look on her face I think that might be the first time anyone's told her no.

Jack got his much-wanted "Rainbow Loom". Craig bought it for him. Google it, it's all the rave.

Danny got a duck puppet

Update on my Henrietta Lacks audio book: this morning while listening to how Joe was abused as a child, I sat in the parking lot at work and cried

When I called my local beer store for delivery (yes they do free delivery) and they knew what I wanted I was embarrassed but they assured me that they just knew me because I have an English accent.

Well I'm sure I have more snippets but I'll leave it at that. It's time to read my new Johnny Cash Book.


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