Today & a Troll

Today was a long one, and then a PTA meeting. A couple of people asked me what was wrong and looked genuinely a bit scared for me. They could see I was exhausted but I did the whole upper lip thing and I think I got away with it. I'm fine, but I am very tired if I'm honest. And a bit run-down. I dream of going to a spa for a week on my own. When I win the lottery of course.

And today, on a Facebook forum, I also got called "weak". Craig and I manage a Facebook page where people post events. A troll was on there this morning and was horrible and rude and called me weak. WEAK? I left school at 16, left home at 17, emigrated to another country, and have done 50+ skydives. I'm a lot of things but "weak" isn't one of them.

It sounds like this was a bad day - it wasn't. I had a great day actually. I was just complaining a bit.


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