Danny: What a Difference a Year Makes

Today we had Daniel's teacher conference. His two teachers looked at us and said "He's amazing. Excelling in academics, social skills and all other areas. We have no concerns at all. Questions?" Blimey. What a difference a year makes.

All afternoon I've been busting with pride, dying to tell someone but everyone at work is at a conference except me. I said something on Facebook and tried not to sound too much like Mrs smug pants but it's hard.  I want this little moment of feeling good about myself and my parenting skills, since most days I question everything about it. I'll probably go to my grave still struggling with the "should I have held Jack back?" thing. He'll be married and 50 years old and I'll still wonder about that. So yeah, feeling good right now.

And when Mrs J said "One of the best things about him is his Independence and the fact that he's happy with who he is and what he's doing. He'll be a leader". Well that just made my week. A year ago that Independence drove me up the bloody wall. Now I'm proud of it. This past 12 months he's grown into an amazing young lad.

Of course last night at the supermarket he was running (he can't walk) and hiding and grabbing and acting like a lunatic as usual, so let's keep things real.  But I'll take today's little parenting boost and store it in a happy place.

2013 Pre-School Picture


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