Ghost Hunt at my House!

Soooo I missed another blog post yesterday but in my defense I got home from work at 5.30pm to find a friend and her son at my house for an impromptu visit. It was nice, but errrr, also a tad inconvenient as we had a party at 7pm and needed to get ready. After she had gone Craig and I ran around like headless chickens getting ready and deposited the kids at the babysitters house and then we partied!

Actually it wasn't a party per se but a GHOST HUNT! Yep, I had my friend Julie come and do a ghost hunt for our resident ghost Gene. It was great - she got lots of signs of spirits in the house. She also picked up on my mate Becca and said her grandpa Charlie was with us. Becca and her grandpa had this amazing conversation over a machine. It sounds naff but it wasn't. All the girls were bawling of course.  My other friend had her dog come to visit. She had her dog for many years and he passed away this spring. Just this week she's started looking for another. Maybe he's telling her it's ok? So we all really enjoyed it and I'm going to book her to come back and do some readings for us all in a couple of weeks.
Some husbands came and did the eye-rolling manly "this is complete nonsense" thing but none of them left. Big fakers! hahahaa.

The only signal I got from Gene was when I asked if his wife was with him and I told the group she used to bake pies - then the machine went nuts! But then it also said the word "cancer" and I don't know if that it referring to how SHE died or if I need to get to a doctor! Taking no chances and getting back to my Gyno this week as I do have some lady problems going on right now. Nothing serious - ovarian cysts - but better safe than sorry, hey.

To make up for my sloppy blogging  performance I'll do two posts today. I'm going to a craft show, then a BD party, selling Jack's bed, and want to decorate my bedroom. Think I can fit all that in today?


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