Holiday Randomness

Quite a few random things have happened today.

Craig and I both agreed that we don't feel "surreal" about living in America anymore. It feels normal. This time last year I think we both thought it was still a special thing. I suppose that's a sad thing, to lose that feeling,  but also a good thing that we feel at home.

Jack stopped going to Tang Soo Do. We went there tonight and they were closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday. On the way back we talked. I asked if he was enjoying it because he isn't as keen on it as soccer. He went really quiet then said "Will you be mad?" I said no. We then went back and forth with him making sure that I wouldn't be angry. Then he made me text Craig to make sure that he wouldn't be angry  - then he confessed that he doesn't like it anymore. And he told me why - it's boring doing the forms (moves) over and over and over again. And they can't speak and have a laugh. I have thought about this since and I agree with him. It wouldn't be my cup of tea either. And I would really like to have that $100/month back in my bank account. So we're done with it and I think we all feel better for it.

Craig and I are ready for the Black Friday sales on Friday and Cyber Monday. We have a list and I'll be getting up at 5am on Friday! We'll keep you posted on the deals.

Tomorrow it's Thanksgiving. We plan on our annual hike then a friend, Vicki,  is coming for dinner. She works with Craig and I really like her. She's the one that got her dog snatched by a coyote this past week. Her grown up kids live in California so I'm happy she's coming here. We are going to watch The Hunger Games with her tomorrow night then I'm going to see Catching Fire with her at the weekend. She's also a huge fan.

After the ghost hunt a couple of weeks ago we arranged a reading night  this coming Friday. I also downloaded a ghost hunting app on my phone. It's been good fun so far. If a ghost actually does come through I'll probably move house.


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