Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Avoiding the Big Stuff

I've had a terrible parenting day today. So terrible I want at least a few days to roll it round in my head before I talk about it on here. I'm really hoping (1) all 3 1/2 year old boys are the same (2) I haven't caused all the problems we are having (3) it stops soon.

Big sigh and well-deserved gulp of Killians Irish Red.

And so onto other things.

Danny is waving now! He's at that magical age where he wants to babble at people and clap and wave and even the most grumpy old bugger can't help but smile back. Fantastic it really is.

Next, we have made three rather big house changes. One being to paint and re-do the basement (pictures to follow when I've made new curtains and cushion covers with the sowing machine I got last Christmas and that I have only used this year to sew two plastic shower curtains together to keep the cats off the pool table) , one to build a retaining wall in the garden, and one to swap the basement sofa with the living room sofa.

Anyway, the smaller sofa set has made a huge difference to the living room - made it look miles bigger and shows off the hardwood floor better. As I was rummaging around for old pictures of the living room I found this one from the day we moved in in 2005. I remember that green shag-pile carpet like it was yesterday.


Emily said...

Every parent has those days, so don't feel bad! Sometimes I look at my 3 year old and think, "how could this nasty child be my offspring?" You are doing a good job, hang in there.

Clippy Mat said...

kids. no matter how bad you think it is/was, believe me it's not. it will slide into perspective soon. i think boys of that age can be a real challenge. you are a good parent so don't second guess yourself.
unless it's to do with that carpet!! did you traumatize the kids with that photo?
holy mother of god. i think we had the same carpet in orange in the
80's but i hasten to add it was already in the house we bought. i did NOT install it.
looks nice now tho'.

3 Month Catch-up

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