Muck Fichigan 2009

It's the Ohio State - Michigan game today. The big game of the year. I, however will be going Christmas shopping and relying upon two forms of updates:  

1. I will gather with all the menfolk at the tellys in the shops
2. My husband will text me the big plays

The reason I'll be shopping and not glued to the telly is that I'm too nervous, even though the Buckeyes aren't relying on this game as they already got to the Rose Bowl. 

Why am I nervous? Well because Michigan are sneaky devils that will sneak up in the 4th quarter and snatch it away like a cunning fox with a degree in deviousness. It's far too painful to watch. 

I do love this picture that Char took. It captures him perfectly.


Michelle said…
Hi Pam and all- found your blog and now I'm a follower! It's fun to see these good photos of you guys!

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