Toddlers & Cats

Tonight I was trying to unwrap and eat a Starburst sweet and Jack would snatch it away from me, just as I was about to pop it in my mouth. He was laughing hysterically and sat straddling me on the couch when all of a sudden he did a little choke sound and I thought "he can't be choking, I can see the Starburst stuck to the back of his teeth". No sooner had I thought this than he threw up, all over me, several times. I sat stunned for a moment and he looked at me, equally shocked and waiting for my response, right on the verge of tears. I kept telling him it was okay and Craig scooped him up and got him to the bathroom. I sat there, still stunned and really wasn't quite sure what to do for a minute or two.  After we were all washed and clean and snuggled back in the front room. Jack looked at me and said "Can I have a Starburst mummy?"

It reminded me of Frank our cat. Many years ago he ate a wasp and his head swelled up the size of a balloon. We took him to the vet who shoved a thermometer up his bum and gave him a Benadryl injection. It was most traumatic for Frank as you can imagine. Less than a week passed and he did the same thing.

Toddlers and cats. They never learn. 


Kelsey said…
Oh no!

Incidentally I can remember several instances where I'd been chewing a
Starburst and about half of it went down my throat while the other half stayed in my mouth and I choked - um, as an adult. So tell Jack that they're tricky candy and try not to hold the throwing up against him! :-)
Clippy Mat said…
LOL poor jack.
poor YOU.
he's just daft.

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