Cover Woman (too old to be a girl)

I am most chuffed. This month I am gracing the cover of a national magazine that services the industry I work in. I've never been on a cover before so today I am puffing my chest out and showing everyone and his auntie my picture. Craig said he'll frame it for me and I'm going to ask for extra copies for my family (just humour me please).

I do wish I hadn't worn my grey pants. I was under the illusion that dark colours made you look slimmer but they obviously aren't dark enough and make me look like Lady Thunder Thighs. Damn Toblerones to hell.

Talking about food - it is Thanksgiving here tomorrow. We were very kindly invited by friends a few hours away to have dinner but we are going to stay home and do the family thing. Craig and Jack performed all kinds of surgical maneuvers on the turkey tonight - gutting, washing out with water, injecting, marinading, and stuffing. They even boiled up the offal for Cody, Frank & Tutz as a treat. I love this holiday. Four days with my loved ones. AHHHHH.


Jen said…
Congrats on making the cover! From what I can see you look fabulous! At first, I thought you were doing something indecent (because of the black lines), but then I realized it was probably hiding the title. =) Forgive the blonde moment at this hour!
Clippy Mat said…
so you are displaying a sort of see thru golf bag????
Happy Thanksgiving tho'.
Pam said…
Hi Jen, My attempt at anonymity. Daft really isn't it.
Happy Tanksgiving - I do read your blog still but can't seem to link to it?
Hello there Clippy, It is an F355 Impact Tester. Exactly. Conversation stopper :-)
Fredsueand me said…
well done pam. confused though why the black strips across the picture did you flop one out for the turf scientists and it needed covering for the purposes of the blog and why are your knees blanked?
have a good weekend. sounds like bliss having 4 days off to eat drink and be merry. happy thanksgiving
send our love to the boys. x x
Clippy Mat said…
ah yes, the sports surface impact test system. i shoulda recognized it!
(thank you google.)

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