Party with Yummy Pizza

Me & Jack went to his friend Sophia's 3rd birthday party today. All the kids were dressed up in party frocks and suits, which was just adorable. Jack & Sophia haven't seen each other in a month but they were glued together and even shared a seat at the table. I think Jack may have regretted that decision when she got hold of the cake knife.

I had a good old chin-wag with her mum Heather but she got really sick by the end of the party and thought she might have got slammed with a flu bug.

The restaurant was lovely and I ate the BEST pizza I have ever had. I'm going to try and describe it and it might sound a bit crazy for a pizza but it worked: thin pizza crust with a light tomato sauce on top, mozzarella cheese, all kinds of exotic mushroom pieces, little lumps of herb Feta and a sprinkle of salad greens. I never would have put salad greens on a pizza but it was yummy. The side salad was the same greens & feta with a balsamic vinegar dressing. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over I'm going to try & slim down before Christmas. Basically, I've got three weeks to lose the weight I gained from eating a turkey before I eat another one! And don't get me started on the English chocolate.


Clippy Mat said…
oh my goodness how handsome does he look in his little tux?
salad greens? now do they put that on after it comes out of the oven or before it goes in? sounds good.
Pam said…
Hey Clippy, Put on just before they served it - delicious!

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